Reddit users re-enable Alien: Isolation’s VR mode with unofficial patch

Enlarge / You’d never be able to tell that a crewmate turned inside out on this very table only a few short hours ago! reader comments 16 Share this story Although 2014’s Alien: Isolation was a well-written, beautifully stylish exercise in terror, it failed to sell in large enough quantity for publisher Sega to justify […]

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Pokemon Go Fest’s blunders result in class-action lawsuit

Enlarge Daniel Boczarski/Getty Images reader comments 61 Share this story By many accounts, the Pokemon Go Fest in Chicago last week was a failure of epic proportions. The main thing that many festival-goers found—instead of make-believe characters in the game—was themselves standing in huge lines and without Internet at a 20,000-person party to celebrate the […]

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