Xbox expanding backwards compatibility program to original Xbox games

Enlarge / Phil Spencer literally stands next to two Xbox “one” logos. Microsoft reader comments 65 Share this story E3 2017 Anthem is Bioware’s open-world sci-fi shooter with jetpacks Minecraft to receive its first top-engine visual overhaul since 2010 debut Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds becomes Xbox One console exclusive “later this year” Forza Motorsport 7 lands on […]

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VPC’s MongoosT-50 joystick: A rare Russian-style controller for skies or space

Enlarge / The MongoosT-50 stick in a Warthog base, left, compared to a standard Thrustmaster Warthog stick at right. Lee Hutchinson reader comments 21 Share this story I had an epiphany when Ars Senior Technology Editor Lee Hutchinson asked me to review the VPC MongoosT-50 flight stick grip, which he had sitting on his desk […]

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Hands in the box: New puzzle game Statik does right by VR

Enlarge / That’s how the doc’s face looks throughout Statik Institute of Retention. Tarsier Studios reader comments 7 Share this story Game Details Developer: Tarsier StudiosPublisher: Tarsier StudiosPlatform: PlayStation 4 (requires PlayStation VR)Release Date: April 24, 2017Price: $19.99 / £15.99 (free demo)Links: Official Website The first thing Statik Institute of Retention gets right is that it leans into every single […]

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